Friday, March 30, 2012

Celebrity Inspiration Friday

My Easter lilies are starting to bloom...and this is all under the driving rain!

I know that a lot of celebrities do a ton of good with their money, I just tend to be unaware of celebrity news so I was pleasantly surprised to have a couple of great stories catch my eye.

First was Kate Winslet and the "The Golden Hat" book (featuring other celebrities in hats). The related Golden Hat Foundation is very interesting. Its mission specifically focuses on "creating an environment that holds these individuals as intellectually capable" and helping in the support of innovation for communication and education.

The story of The Golden Hat book (and foundation) is built around a completely non-verbal young man with autism. He finally gets a letterboard for communication and writes a poem entitled the "The Golden Hat." This poem is about a boy that can't talk and how his magical hat helps him.

One of the blogs I read had a very interesting comment on the complexity of autism from an intellectual capabilities standpoint and I actually respected where she is coming from. Within the spectrum of autism there is also a huge spectrum of intellectual capability.

My second celebrity inspiration comes from Willie Nelson. Does that man ever not inspire? Anyway, LEARN Horse Rescue has a special adopted home for two profoundly abused horses on Willie Nelson's ranch. The photos and story of the abuse of these horses are deplorable.

LEARN Horse Rescue
is based in South Carolina and is a long running organization. They focus not only on the rescue side but the public education side as well (helps prevent the abuse and abandon in the first place). Even in my state, there is a crisis of abandoned/abused horses.

Have a great Friday!

Nim is waiting for me to finish work-work and great creative so we can get out today. The weather is certainly not in our favor for outdoors adventure.

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