Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Outlet Mall Walk Day

Later this afternoon the sleeting style snow died down so I ran out to do errands and get the dog out for a quick walk.

Sadly, by the second errand the snow mix was already back so it was more of an outlet mall walk type of day.

Tomorrow is Pi Day. I do not know this because I enjoy math trivia, but because starting tomorrow, Pizza Pi in Seattle kicks off an annual Pi week celebration. At a minimum I hope everyone gets to enjoy a pie. :)


  1. wow, you get that fantastic view? I'm jealous.

  2. Yes. That is Mt. Si, which can be seen at various angles from most of North Bend and the Snoqualmie Valley area. I am surrounded by mountains actually...that just happens to be the dominate one.

    And yes, I like to remind myself of the beauty of the area because I also get considerably more rain, snow and wind compared to even Seattle which is about 40 minutes away.

  3. I live in a very flat area and I complain about that often but I have to remember that there are some great forests and lakes here too.

  4. I was telling myself I should have given up complaining about the weather for Lent. :) You would think I would be more tough having grown up out here - but if anything I am getting weaker!