Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chocolate-Covered Katie Giveaway!

Good morning!

Quick post for a fun giveaway from Chocolate-Covered Katie!

Re-posting this giveaway gives me another chance to enter. And this is $100 at Amazon! How can I not try for that?!

I have to admit that her site has actually got me considering some kitchen gadgets and I generally have no interest in kitchen gadgets.

Ironically yesterday I made three of her recipes:
  • Peanut butter - banana butter (one of many things that went on my pizzert, and seriously, why didn't I think of this before?)
  • Pizzert (this was a lot of fun even though I under-cooked it.)
  • Vanilla ice cream (stay the freezer now! I am going to have to put in my food processor so the jury is out).

...and didn't photograph any of them!

Which means you get a photograph of Nim instead - who would probably spend his portion of the winnings in a different way than me. :)

PS. For those paying attention and noticed peanut butter among the items in this post...

Yes, I failed the giving up chocolate and peanut butter for Lent BIG - I lasted about a week and a half? Maybe? Peanut Butter was just a plain bad idea from a fat and calorie perspective. It also didn't help that I have spent a lot more time reading about Lent this year and was reaching the conclusion that giving up food items for Lent probably wasn't the right path for me.

Anyway, I felt bad about it for about 20 seconds...mostly because I felt weak. But this has been such a fun and successful Lent season in all other ways for me that I am really OK with it. :)


  1. Aww, how can you go wrong with a picture like that?
    I'm also very excited about getting an ice cream maker because of chocolate covered katie

  2. I actually am pleasantly surprised what I managed with just freezing the mix and using a food processor. I think the ice cream maker would have better results, but I would do the food processor route again in a heartbeat. :)

    I already have the next flavor planned out...